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Steal his style: Ben Wyatt sitting on a bench eating soup alone.

  • Burberry London Dress Shirt: $147.49
  • LORENZO CANA - Luxury Italian 100% Silk Tie Handmade Necktie: $50.00
  • Z Zegna Navy Twill Flat Iron Trousers: $345.00
  • Cup of Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup: $4.29
  • Steel Outdoor Bench: $425.00
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if u think that there has ever been a greater scene on television think again

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Steal His Look: Chief of Ferguson Police Department

Cashmere racist suede white t-shirt - 462.56$

Versace Limited Edition pig mask - 612.40$

All-purpose steel garbage can - 14.99$

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has anyone posted this yet? I love it! 

This was perfect

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"can we move our class meeting so it’s not during the packers game?"
"we can’t get together to work on our project that afternoon because the packers are playing"
"i’ll send that email after the packers livestream is over"
"we can only eat wherever they’re broadcasting the packers game"
"you can reschedule your doctor appointment but i can’t move the packers game viva la packers and fuck you"

who cares about paul ryan anymore when clay matthews is a wisconsinite who’s already annoyingly sanctioning and dictating my life

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Found in Brooklyn




Found in Brooklyn


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it really irks my nerves when an oppressed person speaks out on an issue in really well worded, calm manner and one of the oppressing parties is like “well now THIS is how you do it!”

I am def here for people explaining issues and educating people. Do not get it twisted. However I am not here for this passive aggressive tone policing. The oppressed group has every right to be pissed off or just refuse to teach anything to any one if they choose. They have that right. They have the right to tell you to go fuck yourself or they could sit down and try to educate you, or something inbetween.

Stop trying to invalidate a person’s experiences and the emotions that stem from them.

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Beer honestly just tastes how I imagine urine to taste it is so rank and people are always like nah try this because this is special Beer and then it’s like oh ok urine with cinnamon in it great

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"Oh, you know girls just mature faster than boys."

Hmm did you ever consider

that might be because boys’ indiscretions are excused with a simple “Boys will be boys,”  

while we simultaneously force girls to grow up too fast by sexualizing them at increasingly younger ages?


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So, hypothetically… if I could take a bunch of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and read books at Barnes and Noble all day… and then be able to display my knowledge and understanding of the subject on an equal, if not higher, level than a college student… then, hypothetically… why is everyone paying for college again?

(Answer: Because a college degree isn’t about education, it’s a class marker. If we cared about everyone being educated, we would accredit free online courses and allow people to achieve intellectual growth and success without going into debt. But that’s not what college is for. I mean, yeah in college you can travel and learn from amazing professors and start your own anything and have access to facilities and resources and money, yeah, college is all that. And I’m not discrediting anyone who loves college but… college, at the end of the day is a business. College is just one more big way to perpetuate the system. But I say f**k the system, man.) #FreeEducationForAll #LearnRadically


Vanessa Newman (Washington, DC) - haikuology.tumblr.com


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